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Le reel Lenoir

(Genticorum)     Genticorum

 A collaborative composition by the group - an hommage to the moments of dancing intensity where body and spirit transcend time and space in a kaleidoscopic pas de deux.


Les habitants de Montréal

(Yann Falquet & Pascal Gemme)     TRAD/Yann Falquet

Adapted by Yann Falquet, this relatively common «chanson à répondre» is shown under a whole new light.  On this track the duo's sound is enhanced by the cello playing of Natalie Haas.


Matin sur Laviolette

(Yann Falquet & Pascal Gemme)     Jason Rosenblatt

A beautiful slow air by Montreal harmonica player Jason Rosenblatt.  Recorded at a rehearsal in Farnham.


Reel St-Siméon

(Pascal Gemme and Mario Loiselle)     TRAD

This is a straightforward reel in three parts and I think this recording showcases brilliantly the fun that Mario and I have inside this project.   We got this one from the playing of Jos Bouchard, a famous fiddler from the eastern part of the province of Quebec.


Galope des prospecteurs

(Pascal Gemme and Mario Loiselle)     Pascal Gemme

This one, a composition by myself, is a different flavor of Quebecois music.  It  was composed in Whitehorse, Yukon, and it fits more into the repertoire of the quadrille music found in and around Quebec city.


Hommage à Jimmy DiGenova    

(Pascal Gemme and Mario Loiselle)     Philippe Bruneau

I learned this track from the flute playing of Alexandre de Grosbois Garand.  Philippe Bruneau is very probably the most influential accordion player ever in the whole Quebecois tradition.  He has passed on an immense repertoire of old tunes and has written many gems that are at the centre of what our tradition is today.

The track was recorded in a rehearsal with semi-professional equipment and mixed by myself in my home studio.  It is part of a demo for Pascal Gemme and Mario Loiselle's next CD which we should record sometime in April 2014.


Valse Beaulieu

(Pascal Gemme and Genticorum)     Pascal Gemme

This waltz was recorded on Genticorum's third studio album «la bibournoise».


Galope doux bedon

(Pascal Gemme and Genticorum with special guest Olivier Demers)     Pascal Gemme

This «galope» was recorded on Genticorum's fourth studio CD: «Nagez Rameurs» which won two Canadian Folk Music Awards and got a Félix nomination.  On the recording, you can hear the great fiddling of «Le vent du Nord»'s fiddler Olivier Demers who was kind enough to land a hand as co-producer for that album.


L'hydre à neuf têtes

(Pascal Gemme for ZOGMA)     Pascal Gemme

This number was arranged and composed for a modern dance troupe called ZOGMA.  That dance troupe gets most of its inspiration from traditional forms but like to push the envelope.  I was musical director for them for 5 years at the turn of the century.  This album featuring all the music to the live show was recorded in 2004.  Sadly, the CD never got released for economic reasons. 


La grande gigue

(Pascal Gemme for ZOGMA)     TRAD-Louis Boudreault

This is a set that I learned from the playing of Saguenay's late fiddler Louis «pitou» Boudreault.  For this number I kept the melody intact but pushed the arrangement to give it a more «current» sound.


Le Cascou

(Pascal Gemme and Genticorum)     Pascal Gemme

This track was recorded for Genticorum's second CD: «Malins Plaisirs».  The band was beginning to play in front of larger crowds at the time and I was thinking we needed a new Finale for when people are dancing in front of the stage at a folk festival.  The mix of the jews harp, the electric bass, the fiddle and the feet are now a staple of Genticorum's sound.