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Mario Loiselle was born in 1953 and now lives on the outskirts of Montreal. In his childhood, television and radio shows were his main links to Quebecois traditional music –then, in 1972, came Alan Stivell’s album “Renaissance de la harpe celtique”. As many others did at the time, Mario threw himself in the folk music re-appropriation movement. After some basic training, he founded La Bardasse in 1977, as a fiddler.

When he met the accordionist and pianist Philippe Bruneau, he found both a profession and the language of accompaniment. Given his subtle ear and mind, Mario understands the role of accompanying is far from being mundane.  He knows it is through his interaction with the melodist that the music comes alive. With a large amount of improvisation, which provides his freshness of style, he seeks to follow melodic lines as closely as possible.  In his own words he describes his approach to traditional piano accompaniment accordingly:  “a player should strive to have a double bass in the left hand and a guitar in the right hand”.

This approach has enabled him to accompany Jean-Marie Verret, Michel Faubert, Gabriel Labbé, Les frères Pigeon, Richard Forest, Sabin Jacques and Philippe Bruneau, among others.






Violon du Québec

Quebecois traditional fiddle repertoire, 2013

with Pascal Gemme



album Philippe bruneau vignette



Philippe Bruneau, accordéon diatonique

new compositions and traditional Quebecois repertoire for melodeon

with Philippe Bruneau and Michel Faubert, 2003



Que sais-tu bien faire vignette



Que sais-tu bien faire?

songs and music for children, 1999

with France Bourque-Moreau, Richard Forest and Sabin Jacques


Les pieds qui parlent

instrumental dance music for the dance troupe Les Éclusiers de Lachine, 1996

with Richard Forest, Sabin Jacques, Benoit Bourque, Gaston Bernard and Luc Lavallée


La monoparentale du Plateau Mont-Royal

new songs and instrumentals, 1996

with Francine Labrie, Richard Forest and Sabin Jacques


Hommage à Montmarquette vignette



Hommage à Alfred Montmarquette  (nominé pour un prix ADISQ)

Quebecois instrumental repertoire, 1995

with Richard Forest, Sabin Jacques, Gabriel Labbé and Benoit Bourque


Chantez, dansez avec la batelière

traditional Quebecois songs, 1995

with Yvon Cuillerié, Caroline Dupuis, Claude Jacob, Daniel Poirié, Luc Lavallée, Robert Payant...


J'habite une planète

songs from different ethnic backgrounds for children, 1986

with Pierre Pilon and Francine Pion


Train-train de chansons

short songs for young children, 1984

with Pierre Pilon and Francine Pion


Teaching and Touring:

Mario has spent a lot of time honing his teaching skills; indeed, teaching piano accompaniment was his main occupation from 1986 to 2005.  For the last 2 consecutive years, he has taught at «Camp de Violon Trad Québec» in Lanaudière and in the years prior at many major music camps in North America including Pinewoods (Country Dance and Song Society), Ashokan, Camp des Pays-d’en-Haut and Augusta to name a few.

For almost 40 years now Mario has been playing locally for dancers at «soirées» and also accompanying dance troupes around the world.  In doing so, he’s had the privilege to visit the Netherlands (2012), Belgium (2012), Italy (2009-2010), Puerto-Rico (2004), Brazil (2003), Switzerland (1996), Greece (1990) and France (1982).  He has also played at every major folk festival in the province of Quebec and at the Olympic Games in Atlanta in 1996.