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--New-- Princes et Habitants - Yann Falquet et Pascal Gemme - 2016






Here is the first album by Yann Falquet & Pascal Gemme, recorded in Montreal during the Fall of 2015 and launched at the very beginning of 2016.

After 15 years of touring with the Quebecois trio Genticorum, Yann and Pascal come back to the duet format they have explored briefly at the end of the 90s. On “Princes et Habitants,” the two artists are offering a renewed collaboration with a more intimate take on the roots music of Quebec by highlighting Pascal’s refined renditions of traditional repertoire and Yann’s personal approach to song adaptations and arrangements.

The album sways gently between Pascal’s elegant and effortless interpretations and Yann’s inventive and graceful song styling. The call and answer aspect, prevalent in traditional Quebec songs, is substituted by impressionistic musical themes, flowing counter melodies and rich vocal harmonies that support the lead singer in his narrative.

Some musical guests of great talent appear on “Princes & Habitants” adding depth and nuance to a few numbers. Yann Falquet and Pascal Gemme have surrounded themselves with Nathalie Hass on cello, Laura Risk on fiddle, Marc Maziade on banjo, Jason Rosenblatt on harmonica and Jacques Kuba Séguin on trumpet among others.


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«Violon du Québec - Pascal Gemme and Mario Loiselle - 2013






At the end of summer 2012 Mario Loiselle and I had the chance to be offered an «all expenses paid» album  by the French World Music label BUDA MUSIQUE.   In April 2013 we were in a studio in Yerres on the outskirts of Paris to record this album.  And...Voilà!!!

Here's the presentation for the CD on BUDA musique's site:

«Reels, gigues and quadrilles that have been passed on along the ages and are happily performed in pubs.  Pascal Gemme rates amongst today’s top fiddlers, with a quick, precise playing style, both smooth and vigorous. The pianist Mario Loiselle is a master in the art of sustaining the beat and revealing the harmony of any piece.»


Here's what fRoots magazine had to say about this album:

«(…) Mario (on piano) is also a fine fiddler and this seems to allow him to be the ideal accompanist here, with adventurous but unobtrusive chording gently augmenting Pascal's virtuosity.  The recording quality is superb and very sensitive to the fiddle.  The piano is mixed in the background allowing every turn and nuance of the fiddle bowing to be well to the fore.  The other outstanding aspect of this production is the quality of the booklet notes in French and English, with the provenance, background and individual qualities of each track carefully noted.»

Vic Smith, FROOTS, April 2014


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This is how Hearth Music presented this album:

«Enregistré Live was recorded in Farnham, a small historical township in the southern lowlands of the Saint-Lawrence River.  Despite Genticorum’s decade of international tours and fame, the trio has rarely had an opportunity to play on their native soil—and for fiddler Pascal Gemme, it was a particularly cathartic homecoming.  Born and raised in the countryside just a few miles from the venue, “the highlight of this project was to get to play in front of my extended family and friends in my home town,” Pascal said. “My father had never seen me play on stage before that night.”

Which could explain why, of all their albums, Genticorum’s Enregistré Live sounds the most vibrant and hearty.  It is fueled not only by their top-notch musicianship, but also by the deep fidelity they have to their roots, to those whom the music reflects and those who are reflected in it.  Judging what we can by the vivacious audience, there is equal appreciation returned for three of Québec’s finest musical diplomats.

So in a way, perhaps, there is more than a trio creating the sound you are about to enjoy.  Perhaps the list of guest artists simply includes an entire audience, a father seeing his son perform for the first time, a giant family knit around a centuries-old tradition of tunes and songs; and it is this captured moment of musical homecoming that makes this album truly magical.»

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I'm still very proud of this one even though it was never properly released.  The sound quality is unbelievable because the production was assisted by Martin Lord who went on to be music technique conceptor for «Le Cirque du Soleil»'s show KA in Las Vegas.

This album has many pure compositions that have little to do with Québécois traditional music.  I was fresh out of music school and Zogma offered me a fertile ground in which to experiment writing acoustic music in a somewhat «rock» format.  The band had a drummer/percussionist (François Taillefer), an electric bassist (Simon Dolan), an acoustic guitarist (Yann Falquet), an accordion player (Étienne Loranger and Nicholas Williams shared duty on the recording) and two violinists/fiddlers (me and Me on the recording).

All the profits from the sell of this album go to charity.

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Here's what Hearth Music had to say about Nagez Rameurs:

«(...)Nagez Rameurs showed up on my doorstep and I’ve listened to it almost daily since then. The tight harmonies, skillful musicianship, and laid-back friendliness of Genticorum define them as one of the leading Quebecois bands in today’s roots market. They’ve come a long way, with several CDs already under their belts, but I would say in a heartbeat that this album is their best to date. ??

Every track, without exception, is a gem. That’s hard to say about many albums, where you find your finger pushing “next” despite your love of the band. There’s not a single track that I skip on Nagez Rameurs. It’s a magically consistent album, with enough variation in the tracks to keep it engaging yet as a whole it perfectly fits a certain mood(...)»


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Here's what SING OUT! magazine had to say about «la bibournoise»:

«Is there anything as joyous as a well-done album of Quebecois music? The latest by Gentricorum is very well-done indeed. Unlike most Belle Province lineups, there is neither a piano nor accordion; instead Alexandre Moulin de Grosbois-Garand plays flute on most of the tracks.  When added to the incessant foot clogging characteristic of Quebecois music, it makes sets such as "La Grondeuse Opossum" feel like the intersection between a gallop and a sashay.  When necessary, the flute also serves to hasten the pace, as in "Le Brandy Culotte," "brandy" in this case the name given to the four-part, heart-stopping reels played in Quebec.  Pascal Gemme handles most of the fancy fiddling and Yann Falquet the guitar licks, but all three handle the bow at some point, as showcased for a moment on "Le Pommeau."  Each is also a fine vocalist.  Falquet offers a gorgeous treatment to "Le Vingt d' Avril," a traditional lament of love, war and tragedy.  And the three collaborate on the whimsical title track, an a capella fantasy about a prison whose cells are made of food.  (...)  C'est bon!----R Weir 03/15/09»


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