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New ideas breed new opportunities:


For the last few years, I have been travelling around teaching two-days traditional Quebecois music "mini-camps" in the U.S. and Canada. Here is how I generally organize them:

I typically start Saturday in early afternoon with a three-hour fiddle workshop followed by a potluck supper and jam session in the evening. We continue the second day with a potluck brunch and another three-hour fiddle workshop to finish the weekend. This can take place at someone's house or in a neighbourhood music school.

This event can be twinned with a dance evening - the only thing missing is a caller and an accompanist.  People attending the workshops can even become the supporting band!

The general idea: have fun, play a lot of music over the course of two-days (mostly Quebecois), learn a bunch of new tunes and a few new fiddle tricks. Of course the workshops are open to any instruments, but focus on learning Quebecois fiddling techniques and repertoire.

Please contact me if you have a question about hosting such an event.