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«Pascal Gemme, acknowledged as one of the best traditional Quebecois fiddlers of his generation, has an unconditional love for and deep understanding of the many styles of his native province. Inspired by his grandfather and his uncle, both lifelong fiddle players, Pascal learned to play his family tunes and a wide variety of other tunes played by his elders in traditional jams, soirées and evening dances. He joined the long line of French Canadian players who helped keep their traditions alive, learning the repertoire and the techniques they used to create their distinctive sound.

Mario Loiselle, a self-taught pianist, first started his musical voyage as a fiddler some 40 years ago.  Throughout his long career, based mainly in Montreal, Mario has had the pleasure and privilege of accompanying many masters of the Quebecois tradition, including Philippe Bruneau, Michel Faubert, Richard Forest, Sabin Jacques and Jean-Marie Verret. His music has a distinctive Quebecois flavour.

This collaboration was born of their mutual passion for the music of their native land. The rhythmic and harmonic improvisations of the piano combine with melodic fiddle variations to create a lyrical blend that renews itself at every turn. Filled with spontaneity and an obvious joy in live performance, rich with mutual respect and complete confidence in each other’s musicality, their music aptly demonstrates why their unique culture still thrives some 400 years after its arrival on the shores of the New World.

Pascal and Mario love to engage with their audience, regaling them with tales of the French Canadian men and women who – through good times and bad — carried these melodies to us through the generations.  Travel with them over the seas of time, as their tales, reels, galopes, jigs, gigues, polkas and waltzes weave a spell that lasts the length of a live performance.»



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photo credit: Rosalyn Powellphoto credit: Rosalyn Powellphoto credit: François Saddiphoto credit: François Saddiphoto credit: Rosalyn Powellphoto credit: Rosalyn Powell







Listen to samples of Pascal Gemme and Mario Loiselle's work.