Reel Beaulieu et reel de Chicoutimi

Posté le 25/12/2014

Encore un p'tit coup!

La première pièce m'a été montrée par le violoneux Olivier Demers du groupe le vent du nord au cours d'une session musicale du bistro le Vices et versa.  Pour ce qui est de la deuxième, Alfred Montmarquette l'enregistrait en 1928.  Je ne connais pas de musiciens trad. qui n'ont jamais entendu cet air.

The first one is played often enough for me to think of it as a classic.  I heard it many times in different sessions in Montreal and for a long time thought it was an Irish tune.  I don't find a lot of info on that tune which makes me think it is probably a recent composition (last 50 years or so).  Your guess is as good as mine...

The second one is the real deal!  It was recorded by accordion legend Alfred Montmarquette in 1928 and probably was a fiddle tune before that.  The liner notes to that recording mentions that it is a "danse de campagne" in other words a "country dance".  It doesn’t where Monsieur Montmarquette learned it from.  Anyway, I dare you to find a traditional musician from Québec who's never heard that one.  Chicoutimi is a town in the Saguenay region of Québec.


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